How to Choose the Right Security Officer Uniform

Security officer uniform

As a security officer, your uniform must meet certain conditions. Find out which conditions as well as some advice about your uniform and equipment…

Nowadays, the presence of a security guard in uniform is required to reassure the public and dissuade reprehensible acts. As a matter of fact, the inspection and searches of bags at the entrance of locations that are opened to the public have multiplied. When a security officer is on duty, wearing a professional uniform is always mandatory. By infringing this rule, the officer as well as their employer risk being punished. Since the professional uniform represents the company, the officer is by no means allowed to wear it outside working hours.


When it Comes to the Uniform of a Security Officer, Which Criterion Need to Be Met?

Certain norms are in place. First, it is mandatory for the uniform of a security agent to comprise at least one insignia with the logo of the company, visible day and night. This insignia is usually embroidered on the front of the jacket or the softshell. Consequently, when you choose one of these garments, make sure that the marking of “security” is on the side of the grey strip rather than in the middle in order to fit the insignia of the company as well.

It is necessary for the uniform of a security officer to differ from the regulated uniforms like the ones from the police officers, customs officials or firefighters. This matters in case of a disaster where all these forces need to be present.

It is clever to choose a uniform according to certain options like the wearing and the storage.

Thanks to their numerous pockets as well as special types of elastic loops inside that enable the person to carry, for instance, a radio and an earpiece or earphones, the jackets or softshells are preferable.

tactical safety 3-point belt enables you to wear any necessary mission-related equipment on the field: tactical lamp, radio, etc.

For security officers who work outside or during the night when temperatures may drop, it is important to choose wisely your parka, jacket or softshell in addition to your sweatshirt. Check their specificities such as: watertight, waterproof, polar fleece, water-repellent, breathable, windbreaker, etc. Other certain technical characteristics can also be interesting: lined and removable hood, reinforced at the elbow, watertight seams, etc.

Make sure that the material is anti-pilling and there is good-quality lining, for example, made of duffle, in order to conserve heat.

To conclude, the visibility of the security officers working night shifts is crucial. Instead of the word “security” embroidered on your coat, jacket or softshell, you can go for a reflective patch and a strip that provide excellent visibility in the dark. Pockets on the chest and the back for flaps with zip are ideal since your uniform easily transforms into a “plain-clothes” version once your shift is over. Furthermore, the standard dimensions are 30 x 10cm for the patch and 13 x 5cm for the chest strip.


The Ideal Uniform for a Security Officer

On a daily basis, the uniform of a security officer needs accessories consistent with the profession: it must be functional, comfortable, reliable, and resistant.

The appropriate uniform is one that fits your needs and meets the mandatory criterion mentioned above.

Focus on comfort, visibility, functionality, and quality while respecting your own criterion and budget!